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         Tianzhai scenic spot is located at the border area of jinzhai county, liu’an city, anhui province, and luotian county, hubei province, and the national 5A class scenic spot. Heaven village called "cloudy mountain", peak elevation of 1729.13 meters, as one of the main rocks from the dabie mountains, called "off" with southeast, there are 108 size falls, 18 drops about 50 meters. The dabie mountain in the paradise village is the watershed of China's south-north water system. The north water flows north into the huaihe river, and the south water flows south to the Yangtze river. Therefore, in the north of the peak of the zenith peak, the central plains can be seen as the central plains, and the south can look at the jingchu. At the top of the mountain, there is a tiantang at the top of the paradise, which is at an elevation of 1,729 meters.

       The total area of the scenic area is 120 square kilometers, with a peak of 25 meters in the territory of kilometers, and the peak of the peak is one of the main peaks of the great mountains. The main attractions include the white horse grand canyon, the dragon sword peak, the white horse peak, the waterfall group and so on.

Located in the southwest of jinzhai county, the location of the paradise village is located in the southwest and southeast of the city. In the park, the center of the tiger, the main peak of the south upper heaven, the north of the white horse, the east to make the money pass, the west of the holy hexagrams. Geographical coordinates: latitude 31 ° ~ 10 ° 31 '06' 18 "25", east longitude 115 ° 45 '00 "~ 115 ° 48' 35 '. It covers an area of 120 square kilometers. Climate heaven village scenic mountain springs chamaecyparis pisifera waterfall mist wonderful artical excelling nature, heaven village annual rainfall of 1350 mm, the average temperature of 16.4 ℃. The subtropical monsoon climate has typical mountain climate features, mild climate, abundant rainfall, warm and warm season, and the same season.

       It is a subtropical monsoon climate with typical mountain climate features, mild climate, abundant rainfall, warm and warm season, and the same season. Annual average sunshine time "of 1400-1400 hours, annual solar radiation is 95 kcal/c ㎡, annual average temperature 12. 5 ℃, the average summer temperature of 22 ℃, the average temperature in July 23 ℃; The winter average temperature 10 ℃, January temperature 0. 2 ℃ to 10 ℃ or higher accumulated temperature of 4500-5500 ℃, frost-free period 179-179 days, annual rainfall of 1932.8 mm, 60 ~ 65% relative humidity. The terrain geomorphic haven is located in the hinterland of dabie mountain. The main peak paradise village is 1729.13 meters above sea level. It is one of the famous peaks in the mountainous area. It is known as "the southeast of wu chu". Geomorphic types are mainly mountains, canyons, water systems and small mountain basins.

       The diagenite rock of the paradise village is: the upper part is the granite body, the lower part is the old metamorphic rock. The soil in the park has obvious vertical zonation, namely, the 800 meters below is yellow brown loam, 800 meters above the mountain brown loam, and more than 1600 meters are mountain meadow soil. Soil is mainly heavy soil, rich in organic matter, PH value of 5.2 ~ 6.9, which is slightly acidic. Geopark is located in the uplift of dabie mountain. In the low altitude area of the park and a valley outcropped strata for old metamorphic - dabie complex, a park of basement, as a set of amphibolite facies, deep granulite facies metamorphic rock combination, the main lithology are amphibolite plagioclase, rock grain, magnetite quartzite and granite gneiss, banded structure. The primitive rock age is a new and ancient time of about 2.6 billion years. Magmatic activities in the dabie mountain orogenic belt formed in the evolution process of performance is strong, and great development of magmatic rocks in the dabie mountains, is a major composition, dabie mountain and the geological landform, geologic landscape is closely related to yanshan period magmatic activity.

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