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Fabulous! Dong Shaoquan, chairman of Tian Rui Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the first "star of entrepreneurship" in Lu'an

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It is understood that, in order to vigorously build a "advocating entrepreneurship, the courage to start business, service entrepreneurship" a strong atmosphere, set off a new upsurge in Entrepreneurship nationwide in Lu'an. In 2017, by the city people club Bureau take the lead in the municipal departments, organized the first Lu'an venture Star Contest, through propaganda, publicity, registration recommended review and strict procedures, the final selection of 20 first "man-made Lu'an venture star", a "pioneering star" the honorary certificate and a cash prize of 10 thousand yuan. In recognition of the entrepreneurs have said, will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, brave first class, and then set new work, in promoting the innovation and entrepreneurship in Lu'an to play a leading role in the demonstration.

Dong Shaoquan, legal representative and chairman of Anhui Tian Rui Tourism Development Co., Ltd., executive member of Lu'an Federation of industry and commerce, vice president of Jinzhai County Federation of industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), vice president of Jinzhai County Tourism association.

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Join the mass entrepreneurship, innovative model to promote the development of tourism in Jinzhai and Lu'an. The tourism industry especially the travel industry is a traditional industry, the business model of a single Dong Shaoquan in 2010 to give up high profits in the construction industry, to join the tourism, hotel construction and the establishment of the travel agency to start a business, within the city launched the first ground tourism network platform, in the form of O2O to attract tourists, online and offline together seamlessly, quickly open the market. In 2014, 2015 and 2016 three consecutive annual reception of tourists is the city's first home; in 2015 June, in Anhui, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces market organization, the theme of "million people into the Dabie Mountains", is the Lu'an tourism for the first time in history people swim activities, to create a number of records in Lu'an and Anhui tourism; in three years the organization of nearly 30 travel special train to Lu'an tourism, improve the Lu'an city tourism brand; continuous expansion in the market, the establishment of credit evaluation system in the tourism platform, focusing on service quality and tourist experience, absorb good opinions and suggestions, and to improve, and improve the quality of service, get the industry wide acclaim.

Tackling poverty from poverty, and making new ways to support poor people. With the rapid growth of enterprises, Dong Shaoquan felt his social responsibility is growing. In recent years, the national tourism has been closely related to the goal of expanding employment, changing our thinking and placing the work of poor people in employment and helping poor people in a prominent position. A series of practical measures are adopted to encourage, guide and support workers' employment. The company has nearly 50% of the staff from poor families, in order to broaden channels and improve staff skills, the company has repeatedly invited professionals to employees for labor, employment and job training. Since the precise poverty alleviation work carried out, the national company responded positively to the call of the country, the company organizes personnel specifically combing and designated helping poor people, to overcome their difficulties, and fully into the work of poverty alleviation. Adopt the method of combining monthly household and irregular contact, fully understand the actual difficulties of poor households, mobilize employees, brainstorming, and carry out poverty alleviation measures to discuss, and accurately determine the "poverty alleviation assault" road map". In June 2016, the company to help poor households 38 households especially paid 38000 yuan relief funds to poor families, the organization supplies 5 grain and oil. In June 13, 2017, the Swiss company for days to fulfill the social responsibility better, to solve the local poverty situation from the source, helping enterprises signed deals with Heaven Village Ma Shi Cun village out of poverty, and 28 poor households distributed 20 pigs, 400 chicks, for farmers breeding, and signed a repurchase agreement.

  Successful business, do not forget to return the community. Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance, expanding in the country along the hotel and travel agency business Shunda climbing performance, Dong Shaoquan did not forget to return society, always wanted to use his power to help people who need help. In order to further encourage students to make progress, and strive to become useful, the company respectively in September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016 for the "Heaven village" outstanding students donated scholarships 4 yuan. Practical action to repay the society has been highly praised by the local people.
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