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Jinzhai red! Reihong day! Anhui Tian Rui elegant demeanour

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Anhui Tian Rui tourism development company was founded in March 2017. By the local Anhui Heaven Village scenic area reception capacity of 7 travel agencies (Shunda, strong water sky and Royal Longwan, Lotour, Jing trip international reception center, and the Dabie Mountains) merge together, combined the incorporation of tourism enterprises. The company is mainly engaged in tourism services, tourism development, tourism training and outdoor development services. It has set up year-round offices in Shanghai, South of Jiangsu, Nanjing, Wuhan, Yangzhou, Taizhou, Henan and other regions. It has five star hotels, four star hotels and three star hotels, ten, four. The company aims to develop tourism and give back to the old liberated areas and Dabie mountains. To forge ahead, inspiring new ideas. Based on resource sharing, complementary advantages. Fill up and enrich the tourism products of Dabie Mountain, reform and innovation, and build a local tourism benchmarking enterprise.

Amphibious fighting vehicle base Nanhe Jun Ling Jun Ling introduction Nanhe Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2016, the company is committed to the development and operation of agricultural leisure tourism and leisure sports, the company base adjacent to the national 5A level scenic spots around the Heaven Village, the Liu Deng army headquarters site, carefully crafted, became the only one in Dabie Mountain Area in the military, military development, military recreation insurance density as one of the military red tourism base.

  According to the terrain feature of military base south, into the red culture, the development of amphibian play project, chariot for all terrain 8X8 amphibious vehicles has characteristic of car and ship, which can run on land, and special vehicles crossing the water floating. The utility model adopts a direct stroke of a wheel, and the land running device is a wheel. Amphibious vehicles have excellent amphibious performance, they can travel on the road, but also cross-country, and has floating performance. He specially designed 2 km military track, steep climbing Road makes you feel courageous, rushing rivers take you into the fight against the flood of adventure, flexible leap seesaw allow you to experience what is the time tunnel of terror haunted house snatched from the jaws of death, let your heart bursting hormones, mountain sea, all let you go, experience the charm of amphibious vehicles and non general audio-visual enjoyment. You can also rotate 360 degrees in place! Speed and excitement will give you a different extreme scream experience.
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