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Heaven Village scenic area "5A" brand effect shows that tourism helps the whole town tax break ten million yuan mark

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       Heaven Village scenic area since 2012 was promoted to the national 5A level scenic spots, continue to increase investment in infrastructure and the promotion of breadth, facilities are maturing, popularity rising, domestic and foreign tourists to come in a throng, the local tourism economy significantly improved, provide a source guarantee stability for Heaven Village town. As of November 30th, the local tax revenue in the town broke 10 million yuan mark, reaching 10 million 160 thousand yuan, an increase of 2 million 760 thousand yuan, an increase of 37.3%, becoming the county's first local tax revenue scale of over 10 million yuan of rural townships.

       Since the beginning of Heaven Village tourism, the "orderly development, respect for the original, the embodiment of nature" as the concept, and gradually build into Ji Shanyue, waterfalls, canyons, humanities and so on as one of the original eco-tourism resort. After many years of construction and management, Heaven Village scenic spot has become the first choice for urban people's leisure, health and theme education. Heaven Village scenic area has been named the province's 100 integrity of tourism enterprises "," provincial patriotism education base, provincial and county level three "youth civilization", "price tag demonstration unit" and "Nanjing people's favorite ten major scenic spots", "civilized scenic area to create advanced units" and "one of the most beautiful place in Anhui", "Anhui province tourism system advanced collective", the first "Anhui youth favorite A-class tourist scenic spot", Chinese self driving tour destination, the Provincial Sports Bureau of Anhui province "outdoor sports training base" and other honorary titles. Since 2004, the Heaven Village scenic spot has received a total of nearly two million visitors, with an average annual growth rate of 20%, with an accumulative total income of nearly 100 million yuan. The social, ecological and economic benefits of Heaven Village scenic spots are becoming increasingly apparent. (source / Travel Network Editor / Li Huixing)

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